Дмитрий Тесленко
Врач-нейрохирург. Медицинский стаж: 17 лет (11 лет по специальности). Приоритетные направления практической и научной работы — заболевания гипофиза, нейроонкология.

In 2009, Turk Sultan Kosen earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest man on the planet.
A Turk born in the city of Mardin in a family of ordinary farmers, has suffered since his childhood from a tumor located in the pituitary gland. It caused the release of an abnormal amount of growth hormones. By the age of 27, Kosen had reached 2 m 47 cm, which secured him a place in the Book of Records.
Doctors have repeatedly tried to save the young man from his problem. However, the treatment did not help, and the tumor continued to grow along with Kosen. Only recently, doctors from the United States were able to remove the mass, but it is far too soon to talk about the success of the operation.
Now the giant’s height is 2 meters 51 centimeters. In the Guinness Book of Records, he is also listed as the owner of the world’s largest feet (36.6 cm) and palms (28.5 cm).
Sultan Kosen walks with the help of crutches. Without them, he can damage the knee joints, which undergo great stress when walking. Also, doctors diagnosed a young man with vision problems.
“Many people are afraid of me, I can’t even find a girlfriend. And I would like to get married so much,” he shares his feelings. Kosen believes that popularity will help him, finally, to find the lady of the heart, who will admire his impressive growth, and not be frightened.
By the way, another record holder, Ukrainian Leonid Stadnik, whose height is 2 m 57 cm, on the contrary, is tired of too much attention to his person. In 2008, he ceased to participate in the Guinness competition, and this ensured the victory of the young Turk.
“If this title would make me healthier or added years of life, I would agree, but the opposite happened: I just spent my nerve cells” Leonid Stadnik explained his decision. Now a 40-year-old Ukrainian lives in the village of Podoliantsy, Zhytomyr Region, and is not going to dispute the title of Kosen.

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