Gigantism is a clinical syndrome, which is the initial stage of acromegaly, caused by hyperproduction of growth hormone (GH — somatotropic hormone) – in 95% of cases of pituitary adenoma (somatotropic adenoma) or hyperplasia of pituitary cells (somatotrophs). As a rule, gigantism develops in the prepubertal and pubertal periods more often in men, when there is no calcification of the bone epiphyses.
The criterion of gigantism can be considered a growth of over 200 cm.
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If patients do not undergo adequate timely treatment, then later they develop all the typical symptoms of acromegaly.
Differential diagnosis
• Constitutional and hereditary high height;
• Hypogonadism;
• Sotos syndrome;
• Marfan syndrome;
• Pyle disease.
Gigantism treatment
The principles of treating gigantism are the same as for acromegaly