Somatotropic PA

Somatotropic adenoma is a benign tumor (adenoma) of the pituitary gland, which develops from hormone-producing cells of the anterior pituitary gland – somatotrophs, manifested by increased secretion of somatotropin (gigantism; acromegaly).
Normally, growth hormone secretion is regulated mainly by the hypothalamus, which produces stimulating (somatoliberin) and inhibiting (somatostatin) hormones.

Treatment of somatotropic adenoma

The therapeutic management for patients with somatotropic adenoma in each case is selected individually. It depends on the concentration of growth hormone in the blood, neurological, visual and other symptoms. For the treatment with somatotropin at this stage, surgical treatment is most common approach. Drug therapy with somatostatin analogues is used in the case of invasive growth of macroadenomas and the impossibility of its complete removal. Radiation treatment is prescribed in the case of drug-resistant tumors and for the treatment of partially removed tumors with somatotropin