Rathke's cleft cysts

The cyst of the parasellar region is a pathological tumor-like formation with a cavity and liquid contents. The following congenital variants are distinguished: epidermoid cyst (cellular detritus, cholesterol), dermoid cyst (contains products of sebaceous glands, hair follicles), arachnoid cyst, Rathke’s pouch cyst.
Depending on the size and location of cysts, they can manifest themselves as hypopituitarism, diabetes insipidus, hydrocephalus, visual impairments, and cerebral and focal neurological symptoms.

Treatment of parasellar cysts

Treatment of parasellar cysts consists of drainage or surgical resection.
Acquired cysts are also distinguished as a result of hemorrhage in the pituitary gland. It is usually associated with primary pathology (pituitary adenoma, etc.), usually not causing pituitary insufficiency.