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Hormonally inactive adenomas (HIA) are benign pituitary tumors that do not manifest the clinical signs of endocrine disorders. Such adenomas are diagnosed late, usually at the stage of appearance of symptoms of extracellular proliferation of the tumor; occur in approximately 40% of cases.
Based on pathological features, up to 10 types of hormonally inactive adenomas are distinguished.

Treatment of hormonally inactive adenomas

The therapeutic management in patients with HIA in each case is selected individually, subject to the size of the tumor, invasive growth in those brain structures where removal of the pituitary adenoma is impossible without further severe disability of patients. Also depends on the severity of neurological, visual and other symptoms. The main method of HIA treatment is surgical treatment. Also, in some cases, radiation therapy is used. Drug therapy for the HIA treatment is used only as an adjunct therapy.