Timofei  Bakulin

Timofei Bakulin

For already more than 70 years, the skeleton of the tallest man in Russia has been kept in a glass cupboard at a Moscow clinic. His name was Timofei Antonovich Bakulin, born in the village of Ternovoe, Ostrogozhsky district, Voronezh province. The giant reached 2 meters 40 centimeters high, and weighed 13 pounds (208 kg).…

David's victory over Goliath

David's victory over Goliath

We all have heard about the battle between David and Goliath. Goliath was a huge Philistine warrior. Young David, the future king of Judah and Israel, defeats Goliath in a duel with a sling, and then chops off his head. David’s victory over Goliath laid foundation to an offensive by Israeli and Jewish forces, who…